ValuePoints is a proven family business operating system

ValuePoints was created specifically for family business owners to drive revenue growth, develop next gen leadership, plan for succession, determine the owner’s financial plan and prepare for the owner’s next chapter. 

When these critical fundamentals are not in place, family business owners often feel stuck as the hub of every decision. They hit a plateau in building the value within the business. They realize the systems are missing that could create efficiencies and accountability. And they find themselves dealing with drama that is undermining the company – and the family.

ValuePoints is a holistic approach that touches on 6 key pillars of building a business that can run without you.  Let’s take closer look...


Build Value

ValuePoints - What's your Strategy



Building a family business is tough. It’s widely known that only 33% make it to the second generation, 12% to the third, and a mere 3% to the fourth. So how do you beat odds that are obviously stacked against your next gen?

We have found the best functioning family businesses – those with profitable growth, a succession protocol, and cultural harmony – get these three pillars of success right: 

  • Clarity on business goals and aligning the entire organization around those goals 

  • A path to personal financial certainty for the owner(s) aligned with the business goals 

  • A plan to move from success to significance for the owner on their terms and timing. 

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ValuePoints - Developing Leadership



One of the first questions we ask an owner is, “Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone on the team today?”  There’s often a long pause. We have a tool to help you evaluate this question. It is called the Player Grid. 

Download the worksheet and watch the Player Grid video for a quick walk-through. If you are honest with yourself, you’ll be able to place people into their place on the grid pretty quickly. Now it’s time to assess and plan your next steps.

The company’s ability to thrive is not built around any single person.   As the leadership team goes, so goes the company.  Your leadership team – this includes YOU too – needs to have as many A-players as possible and B-players who are working to become better.  

Bottom line: There is no  company out there that can outgrow its leadership team.  

Need help with your people? Check out Leadership Lab 20/20

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ValuePoints - Planning your transition



Most business owners are analytical and driven by data and results.  But when it comes to matters of the heart, they typically (not always) blow it off and think ‘that will take care of itself.’  But it doesn’t.

PREScore is an assessment that we share with owners to evaluate their preparedness to transition into a new role within the company or transition completely out of the business – AND to do so with no regrets.  If you are a business owner, click here to take the PREScore assessment – it’s an invaluable tool to help you start developing your transition roadmap. 

We advise owners to not to get locked into only one path without considering all the transition options and how they will impact their succession plan.  Getting this right is a critical part of post-transition satisfaction. Think about what is going to be best for you, your family, your employees, and your community. 

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ValuePoints - Planning your transition



A CEO is not only responsible for running a profitable business, but it’s assumed they understand how to manage family dynamics in the workplace. It gets complicated

To lead a successful, multi-generational family business, a CEO must do the following 5 things:

1.  Establish clear expectations
2.  Engage the family
3.  Formalize your governance process
4.  Don’t overly emulate your parents
5.  Keep learning

Leading a family business involves managing the business strategy and operations while attending to the emotions and dynamics of the family. Formalizing family governance and business governance is critical to setting clear expectations for both the employees and the family.

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Financial Gap

ValuePoints - What's Your Lifestyle



You’ve worked your whole life to build this business, Uncovering financial gaps now, while you are still actively building the business can eliminate tons of distress, litigations, family conflict and who wants any of that? 

The 3 primary factors that will be driving your answer:  

  1. What are your current retirement assets?
  2. What is your desired lifestyle once you transition out of the business?  
  3. How long do these assets need to last?

People are living another 30 years beyond their retirements! The Lifestyle Pyramid Discovery Process within ValuePoints not only shows you what you need from the company to fully fund your future, it will also help determine what has to happen while you still have the ability to drive revenue and value in the business.

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