Did you notice my new profile picture? No fancy-dancy business jacket. Hair is A MESS. No half smile that is seemingly happy, yet still ridiculously professional. But do you see what I see?

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The room has a cautious, yet optimistic energy as everyone settles into their seats. Family members and non-family members on the leadership team have gathered and are about to have a discussion that most have never been a part of before. 

What does the future of the company look like 10 years from now?
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While a sandbox is an unconventional image to describe a facet of your business, it really is the perfect analogy.  
And yes, you should conjure up an image of your childhood where you spent time in a shallow box filled with sand and of course a few toys. It had structure and you knew what you were going to do when you sat in that warm sand.  You also (hopefully)... Read the Full Story

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