The New Year always brings with it anticipation of new starts, new habits and new learning. So for this first blog of 2020, we thought we would share some events, tools and news of our own.
New Compass Point Web Site!
Just before Christmas, we launched our new Compass Point web site to better serve family businesses. Take a... Read the Full Story


2020 is on the horizon. As we approach the end of Q4 2019, family businesses are meeting... Read the Full Story


Most family business owners strive to grow their business and increase their value.  What many fail to recognize and act upon is the fact that protecting that value needs to go hand in hand with growing it. 
One thing for sure – if you own stock in a closely-held or family business today, there will come a time when you will not own it or control it. The question is, how will you... Read the Full Story


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