See those gaps in the circles of Business, Ownership & Family?

Have you had THAT moment in your business when one of those gaps stalled the business? 

THAT trigger point of asking yourself, “What do I do now?”


You worked hard and built a $1 million business. On the way you hit a few plateaus and the... Read the Full Story

What if you could scale your business by 80% in 12 to 24 months?  It’s already at your fingertips. It is simple, yet it is not easy. Do you see what it is? ... Read the Full Story

As a business owner – and THE leader of your company – I have a question for you.

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While most had their reflections written on 2020 in that first week of the New Year, I decided to wait a bit on sharing mine.  

2020 was an interesting year – a year like no other.  By December, I, and many others I know, really needed to pause and process what had transpired and find a way to regroup for whatever 2021 was going to bring. So I took some additional time at the end... Read the Full Story



Well, here we are…a few weeks out from our New Year’s Resolutions. How are you doing?

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Cheryl Doll recently wrote an article about Monopoly and the tie to cash in a business.  As I read the article I thought back to a simple but very effective exercise that any business owner / CEO / division head, etc. can... Read the Full Story


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