We did it! Our first R5 is in the books.
Just 3.5 years ago, Compass Point was just two coaches (Tom and myself) and a dream of what our future team could look like. It’s wild to see how much we have grown with all the work we have put in! Now as a team of 4 (and ... Read the Full Story

In working with many families and their businesses, I’ve found that every family has its own unique DNA, behaviors, values, and traditions. Yet, there is ONE theme that made all the families seem very similar...and that is the tension, angst, and, at times, a complete unwillingness to eat a meal together due to a lack of clarity around making business decisions for the family... Read the Full Story


Captain’s Blog: Over the past 3 years the team put many hours into setting up the company up for an acquisition. Getting the RIGHT people, in the RIGHT seats, doing the RIGHT things, and we had worked hard developing our... Read the Full Story

Life is full of paradoxes.

·      Failure leads to success

·      The more choices we have the harder it is to choose

·      The only constant is change

·      Solitude makes you more sociable

·      Social media disconnects us from each other

Add one more to the list – you need to slow down to speed up.

As... Read the Full Story

Well, if you haven’t been informed by now, here is your announcement: I’m pregnant!
I have been waiting for this for a long time, and it’s here. Not really planned…just a total, joyful, surprise!  We could not be more ecstatic for all of the new beginnings already happening in our lives!
BUT…... Read the Full Story

My highly illogical journey to landing at Compass Point continues…

Captain’s Blog September 2012 - Facing many new... Read the Full Story

How do you get your family business to ‘run well’?

... Read the Full Story



One of the most provocative questions I ask clients is“would you enthusiastically rehire everyone on your leadership team?”

Typically once they’ve processed what I’ve truly asked them, their eyes widen and I get an immediate “NO.” Or I get a long pause, sometimes an eye roll… and you can immediately feel the tension fill the room like a thick... Read the Full Story

No company can outgrow its leadership team.  I’ve never seen one, and pretty sure I never will.  The leadership team is the ceiling of growth.   

But it’s more than the right people, right seats.  As Pat Lencioni, in his book The Advantage, states, “Organizational health is the last untapped competitive advantage out there, and it’s more important that all the others ever were.  It is... Read the Full Story


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