“We have always done it that way”

This phrase seems harmless.

Yet, these 7 words and the resistance behind them could cost your business dearly.

Are you familiar with the “Valleys of Death”?

The metaphor “Valleys of Death” refer to scalability and growth challenges businesses face. Revenue plateaus and backward slides companies encounter as they strive for the first... Read the Full Story

Over the last few months, I have shared blogs about the 5Ds of Life – five life events that can derail your business – and cited real-life examples. The importance of preparing for these events in advance cannot be understated.
Here are the cliff notes:


Why are your people thinking about leaving?
Recently we have heard a lot about the Great Resignation. Many of you have even experienced it. The numbers tell a shocking story, specifically an unexpected piece of data.
According to the US Labor Department, 68.9 million people left the workforce in 2021.
Out of the 68.9... Read the Full Story

Steve Jobs famously wore the same outfit:

  • Black, long-sleeved turtleneck
  • Dad jeans
  • New Balance sneakers 

Because, it was one less decision to make.
Lord knows he had much bigger things to think about than, “... Read the Full Story

In case you haven’t heard, building and growing a business is quite complex. 

It requires people, all of which have different perspectives, personalities, strengths, skills, motivations, etc. and all of whom must be in alignment in order for the company to grow.

It requires systems to meet the growth goals of the business, all of which must be... Read the Full Story

Disagreements. We all have them.
Some small and insignificant.
Others as WIDE and DEEP as the Grand Canyon.
When disagreements happen in a family business, they can have devastating life-long effects on the family, the business and the employees.
Operating a generational family business can... Read the Full Story

In January, I was working at my home office when I received a phone call from an unrecognized number. I don’t typically answer numbers that I don’t know, but saw it was from my hometown and it was a business number. So, like any true elder millennial who doesn’t enjoy answering random phone calls, I googled the number without answering.
UPMC Hospital.... Read the Full Story

Why did I leave a comfortable position in higher education to help family businesses grow, thrive, and create legacies? Here’s a little look behind the curtain.

... Read the Full Story

Distress on a business.
While the internal impact of distress is both financial and emotional, the source of distress is most often caused by external factors ­– coming out of nowhere and out of our control, making it the hardest of the 5Ds to prepare for.
A very real and current example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic. It was... Read the Full Story


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