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In January, I was working at my home office when I received a phone call from an unrecognized number. I don’t typically answer numbers that I don’t know, but saw it was from my hometown and it was a business number. So, like any true elder millennial who doesn’t enjoy answering random phone calls, I googled the number without answering.
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Why did I leave a comfortable position in higher education to help family businesses grow, thrive, and create legacies? Here’s a little look behind the curtain.

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Distress on a business.
While the internal impact of distress is both financial and emotional, the source of distress is most often caused by external factors ­– coming out of nowhere and out of our control, making it the hardest of the 5Ds to prepare for.
A very real and current example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic. It was... Read the Full Story

I have a question for you...
But first, let me start with some background.
I recently joined Compass Point as a Senior Family Business Advisor. I spent the first weeks sitting in on annual, quarterly, and monthly strategy meetings – listening and learning. In December, I began leading those meetings. Each time I step into a... Read the Full Story

Life is full of inconveniences.
Life can be full of problems, too.

There is a difference. A striking difference.
As a business owner, you wrestle with both every day. When you add family and stakeholders to the mix business, the line between inconveniences and problems can blur quickly.
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Don’t let the title fool you.
This is a workplace lesson on the power of communication and productivity.
In December, my 12-week old baby got sick.
It also happened to be my FIRST full week back to work. He hadn’t slept for three nights (which was unlike him). He was miserable and I wasn’t far behind.
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Here’s a concept that might seem controversial to some.

Cash is not about finance.  Or accounting for that matter. 

Cash for a business is like oxygen to a human.  Without oxygen, a human suffocates and death is inevitable. No air.  No sustaining life.

Similarly, without cash, a business will struggle to stay afloat. Growth... Read the Full Story

For better, for worse.
For richer, for poorer.
In sickness and in health.
To love and to cherish.
Till death do us part…
…Or till we fall out of love, grow apart, barely speak and become adversaries with a family, a business and employees stuck squarely in the middle.
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“Yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid… - Brene Brown

The last twelve months I have seen it all in the faces of my clients, my colleagues, and my team. I have felt it with my family, within myself and my own thoughts.  While each group faced their own unique challenges, there was a common need woven throughout it all for everyone this year.... Read the Full Story

Raise your hand if you have HIRING ISSUES.
Hmm... that's a lot of hands.

Over the last year working with clients on the topic of hiring and team culture, I see this one, often-overlooked, principle surfacing time and time again.

We hire someone for what they can do.
We fire them for who they are.

Let's me share that again, this... Read the Full Story


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