Scaling Up

“Did you hit your numbers?”   
“Are we on budget?” 
“What’s the Q2 target?”   

 Familiar questions I’m sure. Everybody loves revenue. It all starts with revenue, but as the title of this article states, “revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, and cash is king”.   

Cash is the fuel your growing business needs to scale up and thrive and to take it a step further, ... Read the Full Story

2018 is officially in the books! It’s time to take stock of bright spots and disappointments and start planning for 2019.  Some people think this whole practice is a waste of time, but I find that taking time to stop and reflect on the past year is critically important to personal, professional and business growth.  
As business people, we’ve all heard the axiom... Read the Full Story
If all you do is match what your competition offers, you give your customer only one criterion on which to base their decision to buy from you – price. And that is a step into the commodity trap, a slow and painful death of lowering prices to get business.   
Enter the Monopoly Control concept. ... Read the Full Story

There is no truer statement. A business is either growing or it is declining. Period. Which one describes your business right now? The challenge for many owners is figuring out how to get the business positioned for steady, predictable growth; where the whole company is functioning in unison.  
Wouldn’t it be great if there were a system? (Hint:... Read the Full Story

Over the last 3 blogs, I’ve been walking business owners through the 4 Decisions a leader must make when looking to scale up their business.  We’ve reviewed the importance of People, the significance of Strategy, the power of Execution and now a frank discussion about the need for Cash.
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Execution is about getting things done. Seems so simple and straightforward doesn’t it? And it’s critical in being able to scale a business. So how would you score the effectiveness of your company’s execution? Here are two great questions to ask yourself about your company’s execution:
• Are all of our processes running without drama?
• Are those processes driving... Read the Full Story

Every business owner likes to think they are unique, different and better than the competition. Yet often when asked what makes them different from everyone else, their response is either overused terminology, a labored search for the right words or awkward silence.
True differentiation comes from having a real plan – a strategy – for growing the business.... Read the Full Story

Think about it. Would you enthusiastically hire everyone on your team?
No company can outgrow its leadership team. They are the ceiling to growth.  Either they get smarter, or you bring smarter people to the team, or you stall. And stalling for too long leads to decline. 
Great leaders are not necessarily big charismatic personalities. In fact, most... Read the Full Story

As I’ve shared in my last blog Processes – Part 1, a company cannot scale up without sound processes in place. Creating processes is important. Documenting them is even more critical.
What every successful company has - and what every wanna-be-great company needs... Read the Full Story

Some of the best-laid company plans were created on the back of a napkin. Lots of scribbles and doodles, but in the end, that lunch time, strategy brain dump was like gold. And it all fit on ‘one page’.
As businesses grow, leadership gets so engrossed in survival that they forget to stop, review, and update their ‘plan’ for... Read the Full Story


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