Reflection on the R5

We did it! Our first R5 is in the books.
Just 3.5 years ago, Compass Point was just two coaches (Tom and myself) and a dream of what our future team could look like. It’s wild to see how much we have grown with all the work we have put in! Now as a team of 4 (and actively looking for #5), we are much more systematized which allowed us to take a full week to Rest, Reenergize, Reflect, Read, and have some needed Recreation – aka the R5.  
The R5 week meant that as a team, we agreed to:
- did not check or respond to emails
- did not check in with clients
- did not talk to each other
- no late-night texts about work
- no expectations of completing any tasks at all that week.
You might be thinking, “so, you all took a vacation.”
A vacation it was not.
While the intent was for our team to relax and recharge during the R5 week, the premise was never truly to vacation. The goal of the R5 Week was to purposely unplug so that we could come back to work ready to kick the butt the rest 2021 for our clients.
How often have you taken a “vacation” yet…

…still find yourself answering emails before the kids get up or after they go to bed?
…you feel expected to be a part team meeting before you head out to join your family on the beach?
…your significant other sleeps while you bask in the midnight glow of your phone or laptop hoping there are no fires to put out?
R5 represented permission to hit the pause button - to each other and ourselves. That the BEST thing we could do for the business was UNPLUG from the business. Not only did we push through COVID, but we also GREW during that chaos. We added a new coach. We expended a lot of energy – mentally and physically – all while dealing with our own life events.
So, what did we all choose to do during R5 to get into this mindset? Well...
Tom created time and space for working on his vision of the next level for Compass Point. He practiced “just being present”, which is hard for an owner, by playing golf, tennis, walking, and biking – with no agenda before, during, OR after.  Go in relaxed, enjoy the activity, and continue to relax afterward, with no rushing off to get somewhere or do the next scheduled thing.  Wiping the calendar clean of commitments created a ton of energy for him.
Cheryl was intentional about organizing her home office workspace for more efficiency and took time to reflect on all her clients and their journeys over the past 6 months. She also made time to work on her physical health (lots of workouts, walking and family bike rides) and work on her mental muscle via books, meditation, and a positive intelligence workshop. 
Matthew had a bunch of projects on his gentleman’s farm that he wanted to take care of so that those things weren’t looming on his mind when he jumped back into work. Plus, that kind of physical work and connecting to the earth are therapeutic for him.
And I most cared about being in a pool. My last “time off” had been in January 2020 for a ski trip. I was SO ready to unwind. Additionally, being 8 months pregnant in the hot summer days is no treat, so I wanted to be able to truly relax, cool off and think about how I want to blend my career and my soon-to-be new title of “Finn’s Mom”.
We each came up with our personal goals/ideas of what we wanted to do for the five Rs.  Again, the purpose was to unwind and UNCLUTTER our minds to think more clearly. Some quality “noodle time” as Tom calls it.
“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott
So many of my clients are high performing achievers. They are BUSY.  They are checking emails from sun-up to sun-down. They are running around their offices or around town to get all of their daily tasks completed. They are juggling their personal and professional lives every moment of the day.
They may be “doing it all”, but you know what? EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of my clients has a bigger goal that they WISH they were spending more time on.
Whether it be a big marketing project, making it to a dream revenue goal, shifting their entire business model, or making more intentional time for family or health. Every one of my clients has something that they wish they were doing differently (or better).
So, what gets in the way? Being BUSY. Think about it.  What is it that YOU want to do? Like, REALLY want to do? 

For me, I want to travel more. I want to make my health a priority. I want to organize my thoughts around a new program I’d like to write for my clients and then invest the time to actually DO IT.
Why don’t I?  Because I’m “busy”. Things just fill my time. Things that aren’t even all that important to me. They just seem to be urgent. I FEEL like I need to get them done…but do I, REALLY?  
Part of our work with clients is helping them determine their priorities and then having them actually prioritize them.
“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” –Stephen Covey
At Compass Point, we decided to make the time for our priorities. The time to recharge. The time to think about our goals. The time to think about our “stucks” and figure out how to get unstuck.
Did it work for us?
You bet it did.  We came back together the Monday following the R5 week with our thoughts, insights, and ideas for the rest of the year, and beyond. We came back together to share these thoughts and pump each other up about the possibilities that lie ahead for us as a team. By the end of the R5 Week and our debrief on the following Monday, we left with extreme clarity on our next steps for Compass Point and for our team. And then, we hit the ground running.
Ok, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.
We are NOT bragging about our ability to take a week off like this. This took sacrifice on each of our parts and was NOT a cheap week for the company. We worked extremely hard the last 18 months to get here. We know how blessed and lucky we are that our hard work paid off and allowed us to do this.
We also recognize the strength this brings to our team and our company. So, we want to ask… what can YOU and your company do to replicate this concept? 

  • Take an R5 long weekend?
  • Implement a “no email on weekends” rule?
  • Purposefully ensure your team takes ALL of their vacation days?
  • Make a pact to not contact a team member while they are on vacation?

There are a dozen of different ways that you can implement this premise at your company. It does not need to be a full week of shut down. We recognize that a lot of our clients can’t do an R5 because of the type of work they do. 
But what we’re saying is…how do you make space and time to THINK better?
You can get better. We can all get better. Take the time to rest. Take the time to "noodle" ideas. Take the time to TURN IT OFF.
This is even more important now that work and home life have become so blended through COVID and as companies determine if in-person, remote or a hybrid is their best work environment.
What possibilities does our R5 experience conjure up? 
We’d love to hear from you.
…because we know the great ideas come more easily to a quiet mind.


Cheyenne Bennett is a Leadership & Talent Coach at Compass Point. Cheyenne developed the Leadership Lab 20/20 curriculum to help leaders focus on self-awareness, communication and healthy conflict. These are skill sets needed to cultivate high-performance leaders and teams within the family business.  Along with being a Certified High Performance Coach, Cheyenne is also DiSC Certified, experienced with Myers-Briggs as well as Gallup StrengthsFinder. Learn more about Leadership Lab 20/20.

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