No Wrong Questions

I have a question for you...
But first, let me start with some background.
I recently joined Compass Point as a Senior Family Business Advisor. I spent the first weeks sitting in on annual, quarterly, and monthly strategy meetings – listening and learning. In December, I began leading those meetings. Each time I step into a new company and meet the people that drive them,I confirm that I made the right career decision.
Why? Because it is my purpose to help companies like yours to grow not only on the bottom line but to be a great place to work as well. I’m excited to work with people who are passionate, like me, about what they do.
I love to ask questions.My colleagues at Compass Point can attest to this. Questions are the key to facilitate problem solving.
Growing up in Mexico, the culture of education in most of the schools at the time was to listen, to memorize and to get good grades. As I studied computer science engineering, that model served me well as the best was the one who produced the best software and not the one who asked the best questions or had the best insights.
When I moved to the US to attend business school, I was surprised to learn that grades are based mainly on class participation, asking questions and debating our classmates’ points of view. I learned about the Socratic method, which is a teaching method based on continual probing questions of the teacher. I love to ask questions, so this was second nature to me. So much wisdom can come from building on each other’s points and opinions. Together, we collectively found solutions.
We learned:
●      How to think about business cases and how to make decisions
●      How to think about wrong decisions or mistakes
●      It is ok to fail if you manage the risk and learn why/what went wrong
●      Mistakes are better than no action
●      What happens with no action is frustration, apathy, and no learning
●      Action means movement, change, risk, experience, and learning
●      Action implies asking reflective questions… What works? What doesn’t work? Why did it work/didn’t work? Can we do it differently? What can we improve?
Curious by nature, I cannot help but ask why things are the way they are. I ask a lot of questions – sometimes the simplest questions are the most revealing.
My intention is to question the status quo.
My intention is to try to find a better way of doing things.
Questions are the best wayto identify problems and help people find the answers.
My question for you...
Do you question WHAT you do, HOW you do it and most importantly WHY you do it.
Invite your teams to do it.You will be surprised by the impact not only in your company but also on your team. People like to be part of the solution. People are usually not reluctant to change, they are reluctant to be changed.
Never stop asking questions.The wrong questions are better than no questions!
Let me know if you need help. The team at Compass Point would love to help.
That is what we do.
That is who we are.
And we are passionate about your success.
No question about that.
Reach out and ask me YOUR questions.
Lizette Dubacher is a Senior Business Advisor at Compass Point Consulting and provides hands-on consulting & coaching to help family businesses connect the dots, simplify complex issues and take meaningful action to align teams around a vision, improve their performance and scale the company’s growth.

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