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We all like to think we’re pretty great leaders, right?  But then you remember that thing you said/did last month to one of your staff members: “I wonder if he remembers that? Nahhh, no way he could. That was just one day out of so many. So overall, I’m generally a pretty good boss. At least I like to think so.”


So, you think.  But do you know for sure? Does thinking that make it true? 


At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, 

they will remember how you made them feel.  –Maya Angelou


I remember some pretty tough bosses of my own. I can probably tell you, in detail, one or two times that they really frustrated me and what that was like.  And I can probably tell you, in detail, a few times that they made me really happy or made me laugh, and what that was like.  But in my head is this overall feeling (almost like a score??)….I know how they made me feel on the whole. And that is what matters to me.


So how can you ensure that you are leaving a positive leadership legacy for yourself and your team? We all have bad days, sure. But how do we make sure that the good days outnumber those bad days?


Become a Multiplier. Multipliers get 200% more capability from their employees than Accidental Diminishers do.


Wait, wait Cheyenne…you’re using a lot of words I’m not understanding.  Ok, let me slow down.


> The Diminisher: A person in a leadership position who thinks they totally rock and are almost always right. Who struggles to let their team have any sort of autonomy. Who tries to be the smartest person in the room. And who crushes the spirit of their team by consistently taking control of projects or decisions, even after they had already delegated them out. 


> The Accidental Diminisher: A leader who means well in all they do, but can sometimes have a negative effect on the team. Ex: A leader who is positive and is always wearing her “rosy-colored-sunglasses” who is trying to encourage her team and cheer-lead them to success. However, unfortunately, team members may see this as being unrealistic and that their leader is not grasping how difficult this project is for her team.


> The Multiplier: A leader who makes geniuses instead of flaunting their own. They give autonomy and courage to their team to activate the BEST in each individual. This is the leader that delegates a task/project to you and is excited to hear your take on how you will address the challenge! And when this leader does hear your take, they are generally pretty excited about what you've decided because they know that YOU are the best person for the job--of course you are--why else would he have hired you?


Chances are, you are somewhere in between an Accidental Diminisher and a Multiplier. Don’t be upset about it—less than 5% of leaders can be considered true Multipliers.  BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t get better.


So, besides the normal self-indulgent goal of leaving behind a great legacy of your leadership, why should you want to be a Multiplier?


> You get 200% more intelligence, stamina, and capabilities from your team

> You get more engagement and dedication out of your team

> Results MULTIPLY because of this!


So are YOU ready to be a Multiplier? Here’s how you do it:

  1. Take the free quiz to figure out how you accidentally diminish your team 
  2. Read the book Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman
  3. Talk to your peers and your team about this concept and ask for feedback
  4. And if all that doesn’t seem to be enough (or you’re super intrigued now), then schedule a 1-1 with me*

*Not only will I politely and kindly help you figure out where you are an Accidental Diminisher, I’ll share my own diminishing bad habit, and I’ll help you dig your way out of your own!


The first step to change is always self-awareness. You have to first jump on the scale to learn how many pounds you should lose.  In this case, you have to open your mind to thinking “oh crap, it’s me, isn’t it???”


I promise you…once you know, you’ll be even closer to having a Legacy of a Multiplier.



Cheyenne Bennett is a Leadership & Talent Coach at Compass Point. Cheyenne developed the Leadership Lab 20/20 curriculum to help leaders focus on self-awareness, communication and healthy conflict. These are skill sets needed to cultivate high-performance leaders and teams within the family business.  Along with being a Certified High Performance Coach, Cheyenne is also DiSC Certified, experienced with Myers-Briggs as well as Gallup StrengthsFinder. Learn more about Leadership Lab 20/20. 


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