Family Biz Matters

Author: Matthew Baran
Prior to my work as a business coach, my first thoughts when I heard the word Disability was that it's a physical condition due to a life-altering injury, accident, illness or birth defect. In far simpler layman’s terms, it was a medical condition I could see.  
Author: Tom Garrity
There seems to be a false notion floating around – and we all buy into – that somehow we're going to get everything in order tomorrow. That tomorrow, when we wake up, it will be the perfect day, where we will have ample time for the planning and legal work needed to minimize risk in the future.
Author: Cheryl Doll
Is there anyone that is not feeling the weight of work and life in 2021?
Author: Matthew Baran
It was a Sunday evening when I received the call. I heard my father’s voice, but the words were not registering. Utter disbelief and shock welled up inside me. This had to be a mistake. Sadly, it was not.
Author: Tom Garrity
Lesson #1: Nothing is more important than family.
Author: Cheryl Doll
Business owners picture this…you are walking through a crowd of unfamiliar faces, people you’ve never met before. Someone stops you. How will you introduce yourself?  If you begin with your name and the company you own, then we have a lot of work to do.
Author: Matthew Baran
Author: Tom Garrity
As I was working on this blog, a timely piece of wisdom from Seth Godin hit my inbox. Seth writes: “We talk about risk like it’s a bad thing. But all forward motion involves risk.” He is spot on. There was risk starting the business.
Author: Cheryl Doll
I work with many family business owners that are passionate about what they do.  They work to carry on a business that was built by family – by parents, grandparents, even great-grandparents and beyond.  These fami
Author: Matthew Baran
June 2018 – Now that the acquisition and transition mission was successfully complete, having guided the IT, Support, and Operation departments to become one Cleo, it was time to start focusing on another growth stage for the company. We dubbed it “Mission: Customer Success”.
Author: Tom Garrity
This is one of the biggest problems in family business governance, where parents are trying to be fair to the children, and they think being fair means being equal.
Author: Cheyenne Bennett
Can you say you truly care about the individuals on your team? Yes, I did just ask that. Let me share some thoughts on this while you contemplate your answer.


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