I spent over 20 years in higher education, wearing many different hats, including faculty development, teaching, and strategic planning.  Over the last five years, I developed my passion in helping community colleges create strategic goals and building future leaders within the academy.  I then saw a need for this type of work outside of higher education, specifically in family businesses, the businesses that support much of the economy in and around the Lehigh Valley. 

The business owners I seek to help are life long learners and believe that in order for the business to grow, they and their team must grow as individuals and collectively as an organization. To quote Simon Sinek, “leadership is an education. And the best leaders think of themselves as the student, not the teachers.” 

We accomplish this through monthly meeting rhythms that hold the owners and their key direct reports accountable for re-evaluating, strategy, organizational structure and improving communications. By aligning the owners’ vision and the business’ goals, the whole team will be positioned to drive business value and add to the bottom line.

I enjoy participating in a number of community activities, including:

  • Board Member, Small Business Council, GLV Chamber of Commerce
  • Committee Member, Scholarship Committee, Women's Business Council
  • Volunteer with Linda Ann’s Greyhound Rescue
  • Event Chair for the Asa Packer PTA

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