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06.27.19 Is the next generation ready to lead?

05.24.19 The best leaders make everyone smarter

04.25.19 Personal goals can mix with business goals

03.12.19 Column: Lifestyle or enterprise? It matters to your future

02.25.19 Column: Protect against the 5 D’s of business

01.04.19 Gerber’s “E-Myth” is alive and flourishing: Column

12.03.18 Life is like a golf swing

11.19.18  In business transition, being fair does not mean everything is equal

10.22.18 A family constitution can change everything

09.10.18 Everyone loves growth – that is, until the cash gets tight

08.06.18 Speak up, even if it creates conflict: it’s good for business

07.02.18 Self-awareness and adjustment foster trust with employees

06.18.18 Get back to basics, create a vision and empower your team

05.07.18 Build a high-performing team with trust, vulnerability

04.30.18 Join a family business? Research now to avoid later grief

04.23.18 Creating a strong team, staying grounded, always learning

04.17.18 Value improvements pay off today and when you sell

03.19.18 Reduce risk by strategically driving your business’ value

01.15.18 Profitable growth with a time-tested, results-driven system

12.11.17   Don’t manage: Coach to get the best out of your people

12.06.17 Lehigh Valley Business names three businesses of the year

11.13.17 Love, power, money: Control the family business’ future

10.31.17 LVB names Hall of Fame inductees, executive of the year and 

finalists for business of the year

10.02.17 Protect the business’ core: Don’t pick up that ‘shiny penny’

09.04.17 First get the right team on board, then tackle strategy

08.07.17 Millennials will be just fine – at work and as parents, too

07.03.17 Can’t we all just get aligned? Yes, and here’s how to do it

05.08.17 In a family business, a little structure goes a long way

04.03.17 Awaiting magical succession moment? It will never occur

02.20.17 When you know it’s time to sell the family business

01.02.17 For those who are lost, offer hope and a path to recovery

12.05.16 Start now to find best pathway to exit family business

11.21.16   Advisory board, prepping next gen are keys to succession

10.31.16 Wealth – not always the business – must last generations

09.26.16 Prune your business to grow back stronger, more vibrant

08.29.16 Don’t emulate dad – and other ways to lead a family business

08.01.16 Start family ownership transition before things get dicey

07.04.16 The most important legal document in your business

04.11.16 Unearthing a better way to prioritize your time energy

03.07.16 To sell a business owners need a transition plan

02.08.16 Family council a challenging and strong leg of the business

01.18.16 Creating an active board with the skills, savvy to help

12.14.15 Owners’ council best way to propel family’s vision

11.23.15 Family businesses need governance to stay on right track

10.12.15 Kids must earn the right to run the business, but start now

09.14.15 For owners, the time to transition is before they’re ready

08.03.15 Financial freedom: Max portfolio and max business value

07.13.15 To get value for your business, build a team and successor

05.18.15 Family business succession: How to let go of the baton

04.06.15 Getting things done all about priorities and rhythm

03.09.15 Define, and emotionally grab, your core customer

02.09.15 Capture employees when they understand the ‘why’

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